Canibus Melatonin Magik: – Sleeping Beauty


Canibus Melatonin Magik: - Sleeping Beauty – Sleeping Beauty

The beauty, melatonin, is cut off, the aged and the hormones, epiphysis, the hormones are cut off, the aged is in good health

Taken over the hubost not emit. Khorata, Koito sleep enough (about 8 hours on the day-dying ones) will melt in a mild way and often have problems and problems with it. Overall, the effect is on the hormon melatonin, koito without a heel of pain and curl. Under the nepovo influence of cells and tkanite they regenerate, izvazhat se free radicals from the body (found guilty for old age) and se wipe away.

But you will open the youth forever, signatures, feed, protect, and grow old. Ami protection from the growth of synthesis on melatonin namalyava. This is caused by a novordenite and sleeping for 16–20 hours for those who are day-old, and the nai-growth is itself 4–5 hours. But the most troubling thing to do is toosis necessary for health and beauty or hormones, perhaps even prematurely and truly disorganized.

Melatoninus is the epiphysate from the epiphysate — the scandal is located in the mouth, which is influenced by the svetlinat. Normally, the nivoto on the hormone in kryvta or prez svetlata partly on day, but with the heart of the earth and the production. Such a midnight melatoninat reached its maximum concentration in a crochet and reached to ravidilivane, to some extent under the impact on the svetlinata, to decrease even. Because of the clarification of both the epiphysate and the normal rhythm and the restraint, it is disturbed – all the rest is disturbed, we sleep restlessly, and when we are gone, the sleeps disappear.

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Another interesting fact is e, than melatonin is synthesized from a friend of hormon – serotonin, koito is no punishment and feel calm and in a good mood. Desperately unreachable for unity, drive until unreachable. End emotions and stress; base cause for lack of serotonin in the body, which is not right in itself, but indirectly leads to lack of energy.

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Canibus Melatonin Magik: - Sleeping Beauty

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And it is not the lightening itself, but also the stress that is indivisible often from the rest on the stomach, the golyama often suffers from premature violation of the secretion of melatonin, and from the restlessness is removed. How do you take risks from the commodity? Prematurely aged, lowered immune protection, disorders in pametta and concentrates, diminished, dory development for cancer (under the influence of free radicals). Vsichko tova sound shaken. It is logical that an iznikva vprosat as we can yes we avoid.

Eto and nyakolko svyvet as yes izvikame ate:

Taken as a hubost before midnight image of scientific evidence. Nai-a lot of melatonin is izrabotka at the tezi chorus, koito si fiolat is not from 22 o’clock and put it on the table. Zatov kick si possible nayno-early.

Do not prejudice the evening – the work on the storage system is strengthened, the secretion of secretion to melatonin.

Nyakoi eterichnyi oils act relaxedly on the nervous system and help for good. Takiva sa for example lavender, mother ditch and bosilek.

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Do not sing on the TV or the lamp and turn on the mainstream of the summer time. Put it on, and you will become a designer, do not light up the lamp, you will need to reduce the need for taking melatonin.

Osven kafet and black tea imma and other innocent souvenirs and drinks, Koito violate food, such as cocoa and chocolate. The caffeine in täh is plentifully available, and yes, frustration will be dismissed by you.