Melatonin Dosage For Adults: Melatonin Wiktionary


Melatonin Dosage For Adults: Melatonin Wiktionary

melatonin – Wiktionary

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Morphological and syntactic properties [edit]


Noun, inanimate, masculine (type of declension ?? according to the classification A. A. Zaliznyak).

Root: -.

Pronunciation [edit]

MFA: [mʲɪɫətɐˈnʲin]

Semantic properties [edit]

Meaning [edit]

main pineal hormone ◆ The use of peptides in elderly and senile people restores metabolism, increases melatonin level, improves various physiological functions of the body and reduces their mortality in the period of 8-12 years of randomized clinical study by 44-49% compared with the control group. V.H. Khavinson, V.V. Malinin, B.F. Vanyushin, “The Epigenetic Mechanism of Evolution: Peptides Regulate Gene Expression and Increase the Life Span of the Body,” V Russian Symposium. Proteins and peptides. Abstracts of the city // “2011”

Melatonin Dosage For Adults: Melatonin Wiktionary

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Etymology [edit]

Derived from ??

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