Melatonin Hormone: Doctors call cancer-promoting habits


Melatonin Hormone: Doctors call cancer-promoting habits

Doctors called cancer-promoting habits

It turned out to be dangerous, including the use of hot dishes and drinks for breakfast.

(Kazan, June 13, “Tatar-inform”). Experts of the American Cancer Society named four seemingly innocuous habits conducive to the development of cancer. Reports about it “Medikforum”.

Suddenly, eating hot meals and drinks for breakfast turned out to be dangerous. It increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus and oral mucosa.

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Melatonin Hormone: Doctors call cancer-promoting habits

The number of unsafe habits included the use of coffee in large quantities. The fact is that when roasting coffee beans, carcinogens are formed that can accumulate in the body. As a result, drinking two or more cups of coffee per day can increase the likelihood of cancer by 41%.

Red meat, especially in processed form, also increases the risk of premature death from cancer, doctors said.

The habit of being awake at night prevents the body from producing the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for natural circadian rhythms. Their violation also leads to the development of tumors, doctors noticed.

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Earlier, the Tatar-inform news agency reported that doctors identified three unexpected causes of skin cancer.

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