Phoria Melatonin Lyrics: Melatonin and hair follicle Request PDF


Phoria Melatonin Lyrics: Melatonin and hair follicle Request PDF

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Melatonin and hair follicle | Request PDF

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Melatonin and hair follicle | It has been known that it has been able to regulate hair growth, pigmentation and / or molting,


During hair growth, cortical cells emerge from the proliferative follicle and rapidly synthesize proteins. In this process, it has proved to be a critical regulatory factor, it has proved to be mutant patients in the HOXC13 mutant mice and HOXC13 mutant patients. However, inconsistent conclusions were drawn from above regarding the regulation of HOXC13 on different keratins. Whether the HOXC13 is extensive or unified regulatory role on these numerous keratins is unclear.

Phoria Melatonin Lyrics: Melatonin and hair follicle Request PDF


This was not the first time that the RNA-seq Subsequently, combining the xRT-PCR and the immunofluorescent staining results, we found that the HOXC13 showed a comparison with the telogen for the KRT1 and the KRT2. Then the regulatory role of the HOXC13 was carried out by the HOXC13 in the HEK 293 T cells and the dermal papilla cells. Our results showed that it was up-regulated by the KRT1 and KRT8, which was suggested that the HOXC13 had an ambient effect. Furtherly, the regulation on the HOXC13 itself was investigated. At the transcriptional level, the binding sites of the HOXC13 and LEF1 were found in the promoter of the HOXC13. Then, through the transfecting of the HOXC13 itself, it has been approved. In addition, melatonin could significantly increase the amount of 10 μM and 25 μM by adding exogenous melatonin into dermal papilla cells. At the post-transcriptional level, we could target the HOXC13 through a dual-luciferase reporter system. At the epigenetic level, we interviewed the HOXC13 promoter at different stages including anagen, telogen and 60d of embryonic period. As a result, miR-200a and methylation were not regulatory factors of HOXC13. Interestingly, we found two SNPs (c.812A> G and c.929A> C) in the homeodomain of the HOXC13.

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HOXC13 had an inconsistent effect on the promoters of different keratins. Two SNPs (c.812A> G and c.929A> C) in the homeodomain of HOXC13 deprived its function on keratin regulation. Besides, the negative and feedback regulation by the HOXC13 and the melatonin on the HOXC13 promoter were revealed. This is a pattern of hair follicle differentiation.