Double Under Jump Rope: How To Do, Tutorial & Benefits

double under jump rope

Double Under Jump Rope is one of the favorite exercises for beginner CrossFit athletes. Each of them is trying with great diligence to learn how to perform them. The beginner experiences a tremendous burst of joy in mastering this exercise.

It is rare for an athlete to find it difficult to perform the classic jump rope exercise. But when it comes to scrolling the jump rope twice in 1 jump, then most beginners have difficulties. Today we will take a closer look at the Double Under Jump Rope technique, and also talk about the benefits of this exercise in the training process.

Starting Position

You can quickly and effectively learn how to perform Double Under Jump Rope only by observing all the stages of the jump. There is nothing complicated about them, but this is exactly the case when a thorough observance of the technique gives a guaranteed result. So, the starting position:

double under jump rope starting position

Hands and Arms

  • The elbows are as close to the body as possible at waist level.
  • The wrists are slightly arched outwards and relaxed.
  • The forearms are slightly extended forward so that when looking straight ahead, you can see with peripheral vision both the right and left wrist with a skipping rope in hand.

Feet and Legs

  • The feet stand on the width of the pelvis or narrower (you do not need to spread them wide). Ideally, bring them together.
  • The legs are straight. You can bend them slightly at the knees.

General Points

  • The back is straight in a neutral position (shoulders are slightly lowered). In general, a relaxed body position.
  • Body weight is distributed to a greater extent on the front surface of the foot. We do not tear off the heels (only in the jump).
  • The jump rope is behind the back.

You should be comfortable in this position. If you feel stiff or uncomfortable, then you did something wrong.

How to Choose a Jump Rope Length?

Stand with your foot in the middle of the jump rope and fit both handles to your body. It is optimal if they are located at the level of your chest. Use the following table if you are interested in exact numbers.

Your Height Rope Length
up to 4′ 10″ (up to 147 cm) 7 ft (213 cm)
4′ 11″ to 5′ 4″ (149 cm to 163 cm) 8 ft (244 cm)
5′ 5″ to 5′ 11″ (165 cm to 180 cm) 9 ft (274 cm)
6′ 0″ to 6′ 6″ (182 cm to 198 cm) 10 ft (305 cm)
6′ 7″ and above (200 cm and above) 11 ft (335cm)

Rules for Doing Double Under Jump Rope

Remember a few important rules and common mistakes. Paying attention to them will allow you to quickly learn how to do Double Under Jump Rope.

  • Only hands and forearms work. The smaller the range of hand movement, the better. The most common mistake: when an athlete tries to accelerate the jump rope up to two rotations, he uses his entire arm in the process. Because of this, the range of motion increases significantly. As a result, it is impossible to complete two rotations.
  • Try to jump high thanks to your calves and feet. Jump out straight upright and without lifting your heels back. Sometimes it is allowed to bring the feet forward.
  • Do not deviate too much from the starting position. The hands are still slightly forward. The elbows should be at the waist and the legs are brought together.
  • It is advisable to use a high-speed CrossFit rope. However, you can use the usual one.

Keep two things in focus: aiming for a high jump and fast rotation of the hands. Then learning Double Under Jump Rope will turn into an exciting activity, not a routine.

how to do a double under jump rope

How to Do a Double Under Jump Rope?

Let’s go through the whole process step by step to make it clear.

Stage 1: Classic Jump Rope Exercise

Of course, you must first learn how to correctly do the classic jump rope exercise. It is not enough just to be able to jump. You need to do this following the technique. The main criteria under which you will be objectively ready to move to the next stage will be:

  1. You should be able to do the classic jump rope exercise at a steady pace of 100 reps or more. Moreover, not with the last effort, but objectively understanding that you coped with the exercise without over-effort.
  2. You should be able to jump out thanks to your calves and feet. At the same time slowing down the speed of rotation of the rope. In this case, also keep an even pace and do at least 50 reps in a row.

Stage 2: Try to Do A Double Under Jump Rope

Having honed your skills, you are ready to move on to stage 2 training. Let’s learn how to do Double Under Jump Rope correctly.

  1. We return to the high “long” jumps. Do classic jumps with a slow amplitude of rotation of 4-5 reps, and on the 6th repetition try to do Double Under Jump Rope as sharply as possible. Try until you succeed.
  2. If you do not succeed, then most likely:
    1. You’re not jumping high enough;
    2. You do not rotate with your hands and forearms, but with your whole arm;
    3. Your elbows extend beyond the waist level forward, backward, or to the side;
    4. Your wrists are not forward as required;
    5. You may be making all of these mistakes at once. What do you need to do? Pay close attention to your body at the time of the attempt and analyze what kind of mistake you are making. Work to fix it.
  3. If you start to succeed, then continue to train until 1 double jump on 4-5 classic jumps becomes the norm for you.

Stage 3: Final

In general, after going through stage 2, we can say that you have already overcome the barrier that separates you from the ability to perform Double Under Jump Rope. Now the only question is your diligence and regular training practice. Try to devote enough time to reducing the number of single jumps between double jumps. As soon as you go to mode 1 through 1, then it will be a decent result. Stick to it. If you manage to do 100+100 without losing the rhythm, then you are ready to move on to constant double jumps.

Benefits of Double Under Jump Rope

It is appropriate to talk about the benefits of Double Under Jump Rope in comparison with single jumps. Obviously, jumping in and of itself is a very cool and highly effective cardio CrossFit exercise.

So why is Double Under Jump Rope better?

  • The energy consumption of the exercise is several times higher. You burn a lot more calories;
  • The lower part of the legs is actively pumped. There are not many exercises for this part of the body;
  • Perhaps this is one of the best coordination exercises. You will understand and control your body much better.