Schiff Melatonin Ultra: Melatonin – a blog about mattresses, proper sleep and more


Schiff Melatonin Ultra: Melatonin - a blog about mattresses, proper sleep and more

Melatonin – a blog about mattresses, proper sleep and not only from the BlueSleep online store

Melatonin Effects good, harm and calorie, sugar and carbohydrates

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In the evening, when the children sit quietly at the table or on their benches, Ole Lukoye is. In some stockings, he rises quietly up the stairs, then cautiously flies the door, quietly strides into the room and slightly sprinkles the children in the eyes with sweet milk. The eyelids in children begin to stick together …

Schiff Melatonin Ultra: Melatonin - a blog about mattresses, proper sleep and more

That same evening, when adults are sitting quietly in front of the TV or at their computer, melatonin is. Without stockings, it quietly appears two hours before bedtime, inaudibly slows down the active processes in the body and slightly regulates pressure. The eyelids in adults also begin to stick together. (In fact, children’s sleep also does not do without melatonin, but the version with Ole Lukoye is much more entertaining for the young mind).

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Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the pineal gland, the pineal gland of the brain. Its production is consistent with our internal clock – circadian rhythms and changing the time of day. Melatonin does not immerse you in sleep instantly, it only creates the necessary conditions for rest in the body – it reduces concentration, slows down the reaction rate, relaxes muscles. The level of the hormone is very insignificant during the day and increases greatly in a couple of hours before the usual time of going to bed. Its content in the blood remains high throughout the night, the peak occurs between midnight and five o’clock in the morning. The level of illumination seriously affects the production of melatonin – its production is reduced if you are in a brightly lit room in the evening or you actively use a smartphone and a computer. Regular violations in hormone production are fraught with insomnia and daytime sleepiness and entail more serious health problems in the long term. For example, there is scientific evidence about the connection between insufficient melatonin production and diabetes.

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Of course, in an ideal world, you have a healthy sleep pattern, melatonin is produced strictly on schedule, you sleep 7-9 hours in a knock, and awakening occurs with the first rays of the sun to the birds singing. But fairy tales are best left to children. One of the ways to help Ole Lukoye of your body climb the stairs of the epiphysis is to take melatonin tablets. In composition, they are identical to the natural hormone, but taking a synthetic drug is not the same as smearing eyelids with sweet milk. The main snag is dosage. Preparations containing melatonin are not subject to mandatory medical certification and are held in the trade group of biological additives. Often, the actual dosage does not correspond to that indicated on the package. According to the National Sleep Association of the USA, some of these pills increase melatonin levels by 20 times. This will help you fall asleep almost instantly, but the next day you will be lethargic and tired – the level of the hormone in the blood simply will not have time to fall in the morning. Regular intake of melatonin reduces its natural production: the body gets used to the “supply” and stops producing the hormone in the right amounts. Thus, the hormonal balance is disturbed, and this is a serious malfunction in the work of the whole organism. Also, do not use the drug without obvious indications like prolonged insomnia or jet lag.

As with any other medicine, you should consult your doctor before taking melatonin. It will determine whether a similar drug is suitable for your case, which dosage is appropriate for your purpose, and how long you can take it without harming the body. Melatonin pills are the most effective in combination with healthy habits: quality conditions for rest and constant bedtime. If you do not want to drink pills, then try to eat more bananas, oatmeal and cherries – these are natural sources of melatonin.

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